My Sims

You’re favorite simulation game is bought to the Wii with My Sims. Being on a console, the game has a much more streamline experience and has a firmer structure. This game has a cute appeal and is easy to play. The Sims in this game resemble the Miis that players create for their Wii account.

This game has a more cartoonish presentation compare to its PC counterparts. The Wii is known to have really cartoony, cute, and childlike graphics for its games, and this game is no exception. Even though the aesthetic and feel of the game has been changed to fit the Wii aesthetic, the essence that makes it the Sims is still very much present. In fact, it adds more to the game, fitting in with the silly and bizarre elements of a typical Sims game.


At the start of the game, you build the sim character that you will be using throughout the game. The character creator disregards gender roles, allowing you to choose hairstyles, clothes and facial features freely without restricting them to one gender. You can make your avatar androgynous or pick a specific appearance you want it to represent.

After that, you must begin building a workshop and home. The construction in the game is quite simple. You use the Wii remote to drag around pieces to create structures. When building, you are first given pieces that will fit the structure that you’re building. After you have built your workshop and house, you have the task of attracting new residents and fixing up the homes and businesses in your town.


Residents will ask you to build furniture for them, which you do in the workshop. As you get more experience building furniture, you will get more blueprints and eventually the freedom to build outside of the blueprints and be more creative. You will be asked to add more essence to your pieces.

Essence is an important aspect of this game, being the game’s only resource. There are many different types of essence like apples and eight balls which can be earned in a number of different ways. You can find some essence in trees, while others can be gotten by chatting with other characters. You can fish them out of the water or even find them with a metal detector. A lot of the gameplay is spent looking for essence.


When you get the essence for the furniture, you can apply it as an icon or paint. It can be challenging to figure out how to add the essences to the furniture that you build. However, each resident has their own personality and you will eventually figure out what essences to use for each.

By doing the furniture building, you will earn a higher star level. Higher star levels result in more people coming to your town, filling out your town’s empty lots. This is how the game progresses. In this game, the social dynamics are not present. You won’t have to let your sim eat, drink, bathe, have a job, or any of those humanly activities that other sims in other games depend on. The game moves faster as a result, but you won’t have any connection to your characters. Even without this aspect, the game is still a joy to play.

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My Sims is free to play.

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